Basic Help

  1. What is Leaguebot? (Portugues Help)
  2. Leaguebot is a very simple tool to make playing League of Legends more fun. It is not really a cheat in the sense that it does not provide you with access to any information or options regular players dont have. However like playing on a good computer with a professional gaming keyboard, it can help you minimize both click errors and decision errors with its hotkey system and minimap overlay system

  3. How do I install Leaguebot?
  4. Download and run the installer from the downloads page. It may try to overwrite your existing dxd3_39.dll, if so you can click Ignore. It will place an icon on your desktop. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, right click this, click properties, click the Compatibility tab, and check Run as Administrator. You may also need to do this for the executable in the Leaguebot folder but probably not. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista you should also disable your User Account Control if you have not already done so. Click here for details on how.

    After you have installed the bot double click the desktop icon. A window will pop up asking you to register your computer. If you wish to test the demo you may click cancel. Otherwise copy paste the key from your New License email into the box and click Add Computer, then click Ok, then close and reopen the bot.

  5. How do I use the bot in a game.
  6. Once you open it, the Leaguebot will automatically attach to any game you join, however we would strongly recommend you try a custom game with bots for your first game to get used to how the bot and hotkeys work. After this we strongly suggest that you change the resolution to a flat screen resolution such as 1600x900. Old CRT resolutions such as 1024x768 are still very buggy and should be avoided for the time being.

  7. How do I use the on screen display?
  8. If you are using windows 7/Vista and have an Aero theme enabled, you may check the Aero Mode box. If you use Windows XP you must check Display On[x] before the game starts. For Windows 7 you can check Display On[x] at any time. You can also check Allied and Enemy Marks for the heroes you want info on and then in the Data column check the type of info u want. You should then be able to see information displayed on the surface of the enemy and allied heroes as well as some position indicators as they come near your screen. After you check Enemy Marks, you can check Show MIA and it will overlay your minimap with their last known position. Feel free to mess around with the options as we are still adding and configuring some of these features.

    Also, if you do much alt-tabbing in aero mode the extra-display may dissappear, if you alt-tab to the"Demo Window" it should reappear along with the client

Hotkey Help

----Leaguebot Help----

----To make a Hotkey Script----
1.Assign a key to activate the script, your choices are
  a.Any capital letter
    SPACE,F1-F16,MOUSEX1,MOUSEX2,MOUSEMID,ALWAYS (permanently activates the script)
  c.the number of the virtual key code corresponding to the key you 
    wish eg 46 for delete

2.Fill in the script text with the keywords you wish.  Only a. or b.
  is required, the others are optional
  a.SPELLQ:WEAKENEMY    The Q can be changed to W,E,R,D,F for your 
                        spells and summoner spells.  The WEAKENEMY
                        can be changed to WEAKMINION or WEAKALLY
                        or SELFTARGET or WEAKTARGET(ally or enemy)

  a1.NOTSELF            Used with WEAKALLY, tells the bot not to
                        target your own hero.

  b1.COMBO=x            Used with ATTACK=WEAKENEMY tells the bot to
                        selfcast spellx after a succesfull attack. Ex Jax:
                        AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY RANGE+200 COMBO=W
                        Jax will activate W after atk for a doubleatk

  c.RANGE=x             You should change the x number to the range of 
                        the spell you are casting, if you do not
                        include the RANGE= keyword, the bot will use 
                        your basic attack range instead
                        Ex: AUTO 100,0 SPELLD:WEAKENEMY RANGE=500

  c2.RANGE+x            Considers all targets inside your base autoattack
                        range first, and then all targets inside your
                        base+x after. 
                        Ex: AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY RANGE+240
  d.MAXDIST             If you are casting a spell skillshot that goes 
                        through multiple targets such as olaf's undertow
                        you might want this keyword

  e.FIREAHEAD=x,y       The bot will attempt to fire the spell ahead of 
                        the target in the direction the target is moving
                        You can also put FIREAHEAD=x,y if you want it 
                        to shoot even further ahead. x is the cast time
                        1 is 100ms and y is the projectile speed 1 is 100
                        units per second

  f.PHYSICAL            The bot will calculate the weakest target based 
                        on the assumption your spell does physical damage
                        you can also use the keyword TRUE for true damage
                        (All spells are assumed magic damage by default)

  g.SAYCHAT xxxx        The bot will say xxxx into the default chat

  h.CANBLOCK            The bot will not attempt this spell if the target 
                        is behind enemy minions.

  i.DOUBLECLICK         The bot will not cast a SPELL unless you 
                        doubleclick the key.

  j.SMITESTEAL          The bot will cast this spell when Gol/Liz/Drag
                        or Baron is weak enough to be killed in 1 smite.  
                        Ex:  D  AUTO 100,0 SPELLD:SMITESTEAL RANGE=600

  k.ONEHIT              Used with ATTACK, will only execute if 1 hit left 

  k2.HPLESSTHAN=x       Will only execute if target hp is less than x

  l.STOPAFTER         Used with anything, stops action after. Lasthit Ex:
                        AUTO 100,INF TOGGLE ATTACK:WEAKMINION 
                        ONEHIT PAUSE=400 STOPAFTER
                        Note: Not very useful

  m.AREA=x or CONE=x    Used with AOE spells, it will calculate the 
                        location of maximum damage. Ex Morgana:
                        W AUTO 100,0 SPELLW:WEAKENEMY RANGE=800 AREA=240
                        Mordekaiser's Siphon:
                        AUTO 100,0 SPELLE:WEAKENEMY RANGE=680 CONE=400

  n.SWITCHMODE          Use this hotkey by itself and your other hotkeys
                        will switch to their 2nd option if they have one.
                        Ex:Q AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKMINION RANGE=600
                        MODALT AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKENEMY RANGE=600
                        Ex:T SWITCHMODETONE  the TONE is so it Beeps

  o.MODALT              Used with SWITCHMODE to give hotkeys a 2nd option

  o1.MELEEFORM=x        Hotkey only activates if your atk rangex (200)
                        Used with champs such as Nidalee or Jayce

  p.PAUSE=x WAIT=x      Suspends current hotkey for x milliseconds, 
                        WAIT=x Suspends bot for x ms(use only with ATTACK)

  q.SWITCHDISPLAY       Toggles your Heads up Display on and off.

  u.COOLDOWN COOLDOWN=x Prevents recasting spells during cooldowns(BETA).
               Ex Annie: Q AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKENEMY RANGE=550 COOLDOWN

  r.EXTEND              2.EXTEND or EXTEND=x defaults to 200. This word
                        will prevent the targetting in WEAKENEMY from
                        locking on if there is a target over 60% weaker 
                        just out of range (x is the additional range)

  s.SAVECURSOR=x        Returns the cursor after x ms.  Used with SPELL

  t.PRIORITY            This hotkey should be by itself, when pressed a 
                        list of enemies will appear at the right side
                        of the game screen display. Left clicking lowers
                        priority.  At level 4 the bot will not target it
                        if there are better targets just out of range.
                        Typically squishies at level 1 or 2, tanks 3 or 4
                        You can also add a keyword like ONLYTARGET=1 to
                        other hotkeys to force them to only target that
                        priority level.

  u.PATROL              With this hotkey the bot will attempt to execute
                        the hotkey until it finds a target or another
                        move command is issued.
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY PATROL
                        Use this like you would use the attack-move key
                        in the client except with right mouse button
                        instead of the left

  v.PATROLMOVE=x PATROLSTRAFE=x  Both of these hotkeys work like PATROL
                        except they move your hero towards your cursor.
                        MOVE stops upon reaching a target and attacks it.
                        STRAFE stops long enough to attack and then moves
                        again.  The x is the windup time on the hero 
                        attack animation.  Default is 400 some heroes can
                        be lowered to 300 for faster response.
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY PATROLMOVE=300

  v1.STRAFE=x           Modified version of PATROLSTRAFE, uses your
                        last recorded move instead of autoclicking
  v2.KITE=x,y           Modified version of PATROLSTRAFE, stays 
                        in range of enemy hero.
  w.STOPBOT=x           Stops the bot for x milliseconds, default is 1000.
                        Ex. AUTO 100,INF TOGGLE STOPBOT

  x.SMARTCAST=x        Used with spell hotkeys, targets weakest hero nearest
                        your cursor within a radius of x pixels(default 45)
                        If no target is found it uses the regular targetting
                      Ex:AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKENEMY RANGE=600 SMARTCAST=60
  x2.NEARCAST=x         Same as SMARTCAST but prioritizies nearest hero only

  x3.HOLDTARGET         The bot will not change targets as long as you hold 
                        the key down. AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY HOLDTARGET

  x4.SETTARGET          The bot will remember the target of this hotkey Ex:
                        AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKENEMY RANGE=(spellq_ready*440+160)
                        SMARTCAST SETTARGET

  x5.USETARGET          The bot will prioritize the target previously set by
                        Ex:W AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY RANGE+70 USETARGET

  y.ADCARRY,APCARRY,CARRY        These keywords make the bot give priority
                        to certain targets regardless of how weak they are
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 SPELLW:WEAKALLY RANGE=1000 ADCARRY

  z.NEAREST             This keyword makes the bot give priority to the
                        hero nearest to your champion.
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY NEAREST

  z2.PICKACARD=x        Used only with TF,x can be RED,YELLOW, or BLUE
                        Ex:W AUTO 100,0 PICKACARD=YELLOW
                        Ex2:F6 AUTO 100,0 SPELLW:SELFTARGET PICKACARD=BLUE

  z3.WARDJUMP           Jumps to allied ward or object nearest the mouse
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 SPELLE:WARDJUMP COOLDOWN
                        Ex2:AUTO 100,0 SPELLE:WARDJUMP=140 RANGE=600
  z3.WARDJUMP=x         x is the max distance from your mouse(default 100)

  ⓐ.HYBRID              This keyword tells the bot to assume your damage
                        is both magic and physical when calculating the
                        weakest target (HYBRID=x where x is the %physical)
                        Ex:AUTO 100,0 ATTACK:WEAKENEMY HYBRID=80

  ⓑ.ONESPELLHIT=x  Same as ONEHIT but for spells instead of attacks

  ⓒ.BEEPONLY=x     If you include this keyword the bot beeps instead
                        of performing the action. x is the beep tone.

  ⓓ.AUTO x,y            If you do not include this keyword, the bot does 
                        the script action only when the key is
                        held down.  If you include AUTO x,y, the script 
                        will run for a total of y milliseconds
                        and execute the command every x milliseconds.  
                        Example:AUTO 1000,5000 means run every second for
                        5 seconds.
                        INF means 100 minutes, Ex:AUTO 100,INF

3.When you are done making hotkeys you can click one of the Save buttons

4.The More Hotkeys button allows you to configure more than the standard
  6 hotkeys if you so wish

5.You can put expressions for the keywords that have modifiers.
  The only operators at the moment are +-*/ and () and <>. We will probably add 
  more later.  Expressions should be enclosed in brackets, Ex: ONEHIT=(1+2).
  Variables are player_ad, player_ap, player_level, spellq_level, 
  spellw_level, spelle_level, spellr_level, player_hp, player_mana,
  spellx_ready (x=qwerdf123456), player_bonusad, player_hppercent 
  player_hpmax, player_manamax 
  Ex: for Annies Q on minions
  AUTO 100,0 SPELLQ:WEAKMINION RANGE=600 ONESPELLHIT=(45+spellq_level*40+(player_ap*16)/22) CD
  Variables are in all lower case, and expressions only accept whole numbers