Show MIA update
The Show MIA feature will try to overlay the last seen position of an enemy hero on the minimap. It may be a bit buggy, so please post any problems you have with it here.

You will need Display On[x] and Enemy Marks[x] checked for this check to work
This sort of alright like it kind of works it helped me find an Annie trying to jook me in the bush but the problem I'm having with the display at the moment is that League Display covers the top left where my target health bar is at and all the other "Marks" overlap chat box and various other things. I don't know how this can be improved on but yeah sort of annoying, but other than that I love how fast you updated the offsets although my noob ass did get a leave on my main account from the outdated offsets raping my LoL client xD.
ok this needs to be upgraded it has become the most useful feature of the bot randomly tells us where someone is in the jungle. weirdly enough it is completely accurate.. maybe this could be expanded upon and be really nice
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^that it is the best I love counter jungling and being able to guess what path someone is going and if they are at red or blue its a free kill xD
what they said..with the new patch i can't see them in the jungle anymore =(
What about adding last direction the summoner was traveling (using an arrow) and a growing circle based on the summoner's speed? The max size of the circle could be customized by the user.

This would help in knowing how long the summoner will take to get to you or where they might have gone since you last saw them.

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