9-24 Spell Info fix
This update fixes a small glitch with the summoner spells[x] checkbox and adds the ability to track both the QWE[x] spells and the Ultimate R[x].

Also for people who dislike viewing info on the champion and prefer the sideview[x], you can now enable/disable heroview[x] and sideview[x].

The spells will change color from red to yellow as they come off of cooldown and turn solid green when they are ready for use, both on allies (if you enable allied marks[x]) and enemies.

As always get the update on the download page and post any bugs you find here

EDIT: Uploaded a new one with a coloring fix.
thanks. Does yellow mean "Possibly not on CD anymore, but not in view to be certain"
yes im also confused on what exactly "yellow" means
(09-25-2012, 03:11 AM)Ugleh Wrote: thanks. Does yellow mean "Possibly not on CD anymore, but not in view to be certain"

EDIT: I uploaded a new one which should fix that
With the newly uploaded one, yellow should always mean almost ready. And green=ready
Awesome update.

I haven't posted about it yet, but surely people have noticed..? The summoner spells are often very wrong. I thought, at first, it would only detect if their summoner is on cooldown if you have vision when they use it (ex: if someone flashes over a wall but you don't have vision, leaguebot might not detect it?) but apparently that's not right, as I see people ignite/exhaust in my face and it still shows green.
Awesome, no longer will I need to view replays to confirm my support did in fact fail to use such and such ability even though it was off cooldown.

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