IzAWeirdos Question Thread
Hi, first off let me say I love the bot (: who doesn't!!

First question I was wondering if its possible to make it for example Soraka has a global heal is there anyway to make it read a certain allys health % even if not right beside them and when it for example hits 40-50% use "R" if it's not on cooldown? Wondering if thats possible.

Also another question is on gangplanks ult I was wondering is there anyway to make it when I use my R on leaguebot it will target lowest possible HP % on ENEMY side? I think I've tested it a few times and only found it does it on my screen.

Will update more questions when I run across somethings (:
My bot has not worked since the new NA update that took effect maybe 1-3 hrs ago.

Was wondering when there would be a update?
Best of luck with the bot! <3
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Hmm the global spells are interesting, Ill need to look into that though before adopting them as hotkeys. Also you can get the new installer for this patch on the download page. We are very glad for the feedback and that you like the bot. If you run into any problems with the patch let us know.
Is there any hotkey to make for example Use hotkey on self? I know some champions if you hit it auto use it on only yourself but some let you choose yourself or a ally.
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I really dont think so maybe add to suggestions
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