Every time too I know there's not going to be anyone else still checking, and there's always 2-3 replies or more, haha. Love you guys. Everyone misses league: http://prntscr.com/liqcco
I'm xXGeminiXx#7732 on discord in case anyone wanted to say hello more directly.

Someday we'll all die off and quit posting, since this domain seems to be valid forever. Riot sold to some asian company and quit updating content, leaguesharp died, bol killed all my accounts and still does... there's nothing league left. Ah well, back to FortNite.
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This is the world we live in, where justice DOES NOT always prevail. This is no longer the wild wild west, where you can go around and clean the streets with a gun, even though sometimes, that is EXACTLY what is needed.
Here's my LeagueBot Folder, Aug 20th, 2013 -
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