enemy summoner spells not showing as used with 11-7 update

Enemy summoner spells are not showing as "on cooldown" when they should be.
(i.e. enemy uses flash - right side indicator and on character indicator not turning red, rather it just stays green indicating that they still have flash. )

This feature normally works fine for me and my duo q partner but with the recent patch it doesnt.

I did a 100% fresh install (uninstalled and removed leaguebot files, then installed 11-7 update, and yonders, nothing else) - problem still remains.

Is there a fix for this?
I'm using the one build-in game and it partially works. When I say partially, I mean it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Like just now I opened up a custom game and bot Graves with fire Q and I would see it go off cooldown and it turns red. meaning yes this does work right?

But as I recall last night I was the jungler I was going to gank Ahri, the indicator shows Ahri RED meaning she doesn't have ult right? Well there she is ult dancing all over me.

Then again few hours after that I had a game where I saw Veigar flashing right infront of me but the indicator shows veigar still holds flash. Sad

Anyways, yeah. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what gives. Thats how it is for me.

Rags, we are talking about LB's build-in indicator right? Not one from some custom scripts right?
NA Diamond 4
From my experience the QWER indicators work fine, but summoner spells (Ignite, Flash etc) never change their indicator colour. It's possible that Ahri ulted once and you didn't see it, causing R to change red, yet her still having 2 ults left.
It is due to the newest patch...

the unit.summonerD and unit.summonerF are no longer working properly lopht will need to fix it.
(11-10-2014, 01:17 AM)koolkaracter Wrote: It is due to the newest patch...

the unit.summonerD and unit.summonerF are no longer working properly lopht will need to fix it.

Yeah after some extensive testing I can confirm Flash does not register anymore. I hope lopht fixes it soon. I'll PM him.
NA Diamond 4
@yibiki yes, lb's built in indicators. Smile thx for the reply
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