Utility Script Ideas
Hey guys,

It's my first topic here, currently i am a platinum 1 player from BR server and in the last month started using scripts, but i realized that for players who have good mechanics 90% of the content of this forum is not helpful, seeing it i began to create ideas for scripts that may help to better decision making.

I am starting so noob at lua scripting, i don't know if all features is possible to build, but i think alot people can help me and all can enjoy. See if you like the ideas:

The Duelist


1- Show a XP bar in crucial levels (to 2, to 6 and to 11) to all champions in the lane;(for example this can be a "bar" like 100/1500 and can change colors)
2- Show the mensages "Push Fast You Can!" in levels 1, 5 and 10, and if not in fight for this levels show the mensage "It's Freeze Time!";
3- Circle ally minions to know the right time for harass if the enemy come to do the last hit; (i found one outdated on forum http://leaguebot.net/forum/Upload/showth...p?tid=3381)
4- Hold one button to: If enemy champion locks the auto atack on minion/other target deal one hit on him;

5- Show Warnings:

For the Lane
- If the enemy are 1+ level than you (circle and a warning to dont fight with he);
- If the opponent has no mana to cast any skill;
- If the opponent has no skills up (can be a simple "Easy Trade";
- If the opponent has any summoner spell on cooldown;

For the Game
- If are close to the shop always show the mensage "Buy a Wards, save a life!"
- If enemy jungler has away from your lane shows the mensage "Can Pushy, Enemy Jungler Away!";
- If enemy has mia for 8 seconds shows an mensage like "MID MIA, CARE!";

Alot people don't have idea the right lane mechanics, this script can teach: when push or freeze the lane, when harass the enemy with auto-attacks, when harass with skills, we only need script the right rules.

Gold Rewards

Principal Feature:

1- Display kill gold reward (first blood, all types of killing spree, including the own champion)

I think much times we put us in trouble for nothing, like an dive for a 176 gold kill (4th enemy death), seeing this we can have better decisions

Extra Features:

2- Display total gold from each jungle camp;
3- An counter of our own gold per minute;
4- An counter of total gold of the 2 teams; (example this by Huntera: http://leaguebot.net/forum/Upload/showth...p?tid=3830)

We can found kill values here: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kill

The Enemy Can Kill Us?

I saw this in Bol forum, we need one here. Basicaly is an combo calculator, not only skills, but also auto-attack.

Aditional screen of the bol forum: http://puu.sh/aTRCX/0472f98918.jpg

The Good Guy Way

At time we have alot of ragers, flamers in lol, mainly at low elos, i think that idea can lighten the game.


1- All time you open the chat show an mensage like "GET FOCUS ON YOUR OWN SKILL, NOT IN THE CHAT!;
2- Automatic cancel mensages with bad words and other keywords can cause negativity, u can press enter but dont send anything;
3- Say a random word positive all time you team score an kill, like "wp", "gj", but after many seconds after the killing spree time, we dont want 5 "wp" after an penta haha;

The Stealer Way


Hold one button to:
1- Stop and prepare to steal: Kills, Buffs, Dragon, Baron, Jungle large minions and Turrets with auto-attack;
2- Use ability(s) to steal buffs, dragon and baron;

Don't DIVE Me Mad


Basicaly one key (ON/OFF) to don't let me walking about the turret range, i think which is just press S before enter;

This is only my brainstorm and all can be changed, hopefully contribute to the forum. I hope the feedback! Cya! Idea
Regarding "The Duelist" #3 and 4 - AllyMinionMarker is not out of date. I use it and it works great.

Also regarding "The Good Guy Way" - opening the chat can disrupt player actions and cause undesired results. Might not be such a good idea.
(11-01-2014, 07:41 AM)nochristrequired Wrote: Regarding "The Duelist" #3 and 4 - AllyMinionMarker is not out of date. I use it and it works great.

I download the AllyMinionMarker but here dont work, dont see none circle.

The #4 i never seen, can share?
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