Simple Suggestion for Save Settings
It would be nice if there were default save setting features for the rest of the missing checkboxes like, Double Click Spells, Display On, Aero Mode, and AutoLoad Name. It would be nice if leaguebot was open and play without having to mess around with settings.

EDIT: Also, I accidentally posted this in the wrong section. I meant to post it under suggestions. If a mod could please move it that would be appreciated.
for aero mode and display on they are not in the settings file but the other options you listed are, you just open the file change the number next to the name to 1 instead of 0 and BAM YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! To note even though the file is read only i had to save it to the desktop first and then move it to the folder, I don't know why but meh works fine lol
Yeah I know, I would like to be able to set the default setting for those settings in the file as well.
meh its only 2 clicks for aero and display on, i can live with 2.
It's been requested before. I'm not sure if certain settings were easier to add save settings for but he said he's going to add the rest eventually.

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