(11/08) New update
(11-11-2011, 02:16 PM)lopht Wrote: Ill check into More Hotkeys, make sure you copy paste the hotkeys exactly like they are in the other hotkeys files. Also the Dominion priority bug seems to only happen in the first few minutes. Once the game starts you can use it correctly, not sure why just yet

That's what I thought at first as well, but it's not so, keep testing it and you'll see what I mean

The names dissapear from the list when they are no longer visible on the mini map and once they reappear they have different values assigned to them.
Ah ok, Ill check into it
Hi there! Im new at this community.
I just want to sugges this bot because I know Lopht since longgg time ago when he made a bot for another game called Tibia, his bot was called "Magebot" and it worked fine fine fine. For that reason If u want a good bot and a nice "price-quality decent product" buy it.

Im luigi9, the Asta magebomb dev. together with Asta.
I'm using:

It doesn't toggle back on sometimes and I find I can just hit enter twice really fast to get it to toggle back on (twice to open then close the chat box). Sometimes it doesn't toggle off also and I'll hit one of my hotkeys while typing and it will click off the chat box. This messed up one of my ganks because I was trying to tell bot lane what to do to set it up -- kinda funny because after I did get the message out I run in spamming taunt but the bot was off this time.

Is that because there is a delay on hotkeys? Is there a way to make it more responsive?

13 AUTO 100,INF TOGGLE STOPBOT=100 maybe?

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