Patch and show range update
1.Enemy/self range viewer has been added to the HUD. This feature is not 100% complete and only works with aero mode.

To turn on simply check the box Enemy Range[x] and/or My Range[x]. Tower Range[x] is disabled temporarily. The bot will draw a circle for your auto attack range as well as any spell range you list in the rangelist.txt file. You may view the default file by clicking the Range List button on the bot. Then scroll down to the champion you are editing. For example shen is listed as:


This means draw a 475 green circle for his Q and a 550 range red circle for his taunt. noauto means do not draw his auto attack.

The file is setup so that hard CC such as taunts/stuns/suppresse are drawn using red circles(the first number is drawn green, 2nd red, autoattack yellow). However you can customize this file to your liking. Most of the ranges were taken from the lol wiki and may not be 100% accurate. Also many champions have not been customized yet.

EDIT:One last thing, if for some reason during a game your range viewer gets out of sync, try a quick zoom in/zoom out to realign it.

2.You can now set a max range from your champion for the enemy/allied marks if you only wish to be notified when champions get close. You can also set it to 0 to remove them entirely without affecting the other bot functions (Show MIA[x] Jungle Timers[x] ect). The default is 28000 which is the entire map

3.This release has also been modified using a packing tool so it may set off your antivirus. Also SMITESTEAL should work correctly now

As always let us know if you encounter any bugs as there were alot of changes
I believe it was your idea and a pretty good one. Alot of the best features of the bot have been suggested in this forum

Also it hasnt been tested all that much either so let me know if it has any bugs or needs any adjustments
Where do you download the update?
The range display is great Big Grin I am a poking god now ahahahaha and xion1 get it from the downloads on the main page ;D
I did download it from the main page and reinstalled, but I don't have any new boxes.

€: Never mind, I didn't check the news but the download page.

€2: actually do mind: I don't find any other download link except the one here. which doesn't give me the new update though.

Clearly I must be doing something wrong T_T
Sorry about that, I went ahead and renamed the installer in case some browsers arent uncaching the old one. Try downloading again
Works like a charm now, thank you once again lopht <3

€: scratch that, LoL crashes when joining a game with the new update.
Its possible the installer is not overwriting the old files correctly, try renaming the folder c:\\Program Files\Leaguebot to something else and reinstalling
I did install it to a different folder, so that cant be it.

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