Patch and show range update
Try starting a custom game and then launching the bot after you are in game
did that, crashed it too.
What OS are you using and did it crash immediately upon running?
Windows 7 64 bit. As soon as ingame graphix are present I get an immediate crash, regardless of enabled HUD or disabled HUD
Very odd and the same thing happens when you wait a couple minutes before running the bot? Also are you on the NA server?

Try rebooting and reinstalling if you havent already done that. Otherwise im a bit confused as to whats going on
EU servers, I rebootet just now, will test if anything changed.

€: Nothing has changed, waiting a few mins now before starting the bot - will report back.

€2: waited aprox 3 mins, still crashing.
I think I know what the problem is check back here in a bit and I should have a better version for you
Alrighty, will eat and check back in a few
Give this one a try. Make sure it has a different size/time/date stamp from your old one or you might need to clear your browser cache
Will do, brb.

€: downloaded from downloadpage - still crashing.

€2: (checking browser cache)

€3: Nope, still crashing. --- downloaded with browser (after clearing my cache), downloaded with internet download manager and getbot -all 3 same issue, although the datestamp suggests that it was created/modified 6 hours ago.

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