[PROGRAM] Monolith - Leaguebot Champion Hotkey Repository. Updated for Thresh
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What is monolith?
Monolith is a tool created for easy browsing of leaguebot hotkeys. You can view all League of Legends champions and view all available prebuilt settings for them. You can then install them directly into leaguebot.

Why create monolith?
I'm always looking for projects to test new programming technologies and this seemed like a good reason to do that and help the small community here.

Key Features
  • Use instantly! Just download, run and browse.
  • Browse all premade hotkeys for all champions.
  • Automatically downloads new hotkeys and modifications.
  • Save hotkeys directly to your Leaguebot client.
  • Easily see which champions do and don't have settings.
  • Ability to login upon request to help add and modify hotkeys.
  • Informs about software updates.
  • "Remember me" and "Auto login" for members with admin accounts.
Where do I get it?
Use the download link at the bottom of this post to download Monolith.

I want to help!
A username and password are required to login and add/modify settings. If you would like to contribute please PM me with a password you would like, or I'll generate one for you, and I'll reply with your new login information.

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Monolith now auto-updates and is hosted here on leaguebot.net. You can download the latest version below.
Click the "launch" link, not the "install" button unless you need to download the .net framework.

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Requested Changes
  • Ability to delete a hotkey set if the currently logged in user is the one who added it.

  • Fixed a bug where the apostrophe in Kog'Maw's name caused the champion carousel not to load once he had hotkeys. Thanks to Goodman for finding this while adding lots of nice keysets.
  • Added logging. Find error logs in /Logs.
  • Now allows everyone to edit the personal settings table before saving hotkeys.
  • Added more hotkeys.
  • Now hosted on leaguebot.net
  • Monolith now auto-updates.
  • Added Syndra.
  • Added Kha'Zix.
  • Added Elise.
  • 10 hotkeys are now saved to champion file (previously 6) before morehotkeys.txt is used.
  • Fixed logging. Error logs can now be found at: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Monolith
  • Added Zed
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