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Small Update - lopht - 09-14-2011

We added some new hotkeys and fixed a bug with the Minion Hits Left

Hotkeys are:

i.DOUBLECLICK The bot will only autocast a SPELL if you doubleclick the key.

j.SMITESTEAL The bot will cast this spell when Ancient Golem/Lizard Elder/Dragon or Baron is weak enough
to be killed in 1 smite. Ex: D AUTO 100,0 SPELLD:SMITESTEAL RANGE=600 TRUE

k.ONEHIT Used with ATTACK, will only execute if target can be killed in 1 hit.

You can test this update by downloading and rerunning the installer from the downloads page. Please post any bugs or comments here

RE: Small Update - frylockxxx - 09-14-2011

yeah u did my suggestion your awesome ill keep thinking and testing

RE: Small Update - lopht - 09-14-2011

I like your minion-champion settings switch idea too. What I might do is make a hotkey to load a settings file, so that you can switch between sets of hotkeys such as when the laning phase ends