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Leaguebot v1.2 released - lopht - 09-10-2011

This version clears up alot of bugs in the old one as well as expands the on-screen display with more options

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - lopht - 09-11-2011

Check your email, typically orders are instantly processed when they are confirmed however we are still fixing a few things so it might take an hour or 2 for the license email to arrive.

If you havent received it yet, I can send you a private message with your key as well

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - lopht - 09-11-2011

We are still fixing some things on that one, hopefully before the next patch

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - Frosttfire - 09-11-2011

can you do a test run on tv so i can see if it works? if it does i will buy it for sure

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - Frosttfire - 09-12-2011

i know but i dont trust pics because like 3 days ago i got ripped off

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - lopht - 09-12-2011

If you do a vid you might want to black your char name out for anonymitys sake. We will do a video too at some point but anyone else helping would be much appreciated

EDIT: Also if you like testing things before buying, the bot is functional as a demo. If you do not have a key, just click OK at the Continue with Demo Version prompt. It is not as good and it does not work for very long but you can get an idea of it.

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - fish04k - 09-12-2011

How can we get our hands on the version 1.2 of the bot? Was the link not put up for it yet or am I just being a noob and missed something ;P ?

EDIT: Nvm im a noob Tongue Change what the download link says tho "1.0"

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - Matan526 - 02-22-2012

where i put the key

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - cyTO - 02-22-2012

Are crashes still happening? Or did Riot finally fix the third party thing I haven't touched LeagueBot in what seems like forever now lol

RE: Leaguebot v1.2 released - heist - 02-22-2012

Why ask in this 5 month old thread?