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11-7 ninja update - lopht - 11-08-2014

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here

RE: 11-7 ninja update - MissSecret - 11-08-2014

thanks Smile

RE: 11-7 ninja update - PhäntömZ - 11-08-2014

Still having issues with scripts, even did a clean install. Any suggestions?

RE: 11-7 ninja update - Rags - 11-09-2014


enemy summoner spells not showing as on cooldown

RE: 11-7 ninja update - MissSecret - 11-09-2014

only lopht can fix it , probably related to the api, just report the bug here Smile

edit: i think either summoners change again or sth is wrong - it dont cast smite etc anymore (according to a few members) xD

RE: 11-7 ninja update - koolkaracter - 11-10-2014

The summoners name's didnt change.. i checked.. but the API...


are not working properly.

for example, I had Smite on D, and heal on F...

Unit.SummonerD showed summonerheal, and Unit.SummonerF showed nothing... so something is broken with those functions.

RE: 11-7 ninja update - MissSecret - 11-15-2014

@Lopht bumped

RE: 11-7 ninja update - maxxxel - 11-16-2014

well auto-ignite works for me but not auto-smite.

RE: 11-7 ninja update - MissSecret - 11-16-2014

did u put the smite on the same key as ignite? because other summoner slot preferly is D not working

RE: 11-7 ninja update - maxxxel - 11-16-2014

i have ignite always on F and im using auto-kool

smite also on F with codes auto-smite