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9-15 ninja patch - lopht - 09-16-2014

As always get the new one and post any bugs you find here. If your client hasn't updated yet you must continue to use the old version.

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - uezguer - 09-16-2014

omg you was fast as hell dude. thx allot

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - mikeac94 - 09-16-2014

lopht i can't use lb as it says corrupt packet stream? any ideas?

ive deleted bnkey and reinstalled can't get it working Sad

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - Niels - 09-16-2014

Thanks for the fast update works great !

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - DrGam3r - 09-16-2014

omg thats really fastest patch actually i didnt know that an update to LOL i just download the update directly Wink then i found an update for sure to LOL

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - rosek - 09-16-2014

ty lopht

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - escus - 09-16-2014


RE: 9-15 ninja patch - easy2hack - 09-16-2014

Love fast update <3 Thank you so much Big Grin

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - lopht - 09-17-2014

this version should also work with the azir patch

RE: 9-15 ninja patch - Emin3m - 09-17-2014

hey lopht thank you very much!!! Is it possible to become any secret place where only the updated exe and dll file can be downloaded? its easier to create any autoupdater which dindnt always overwrite libs and scripts with old version from the installer?