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  9-10 update
Posted by: lopht - 09-11-2014, 05:48 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (25)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here

EDIT:the new version should have a fixed unit.dead as well as unit.deadcount and unit.killcount. Redownload if you need

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  8-27 update
Posted by: lopht - 08-28-2014, 04:46 PM - Forum: General News - Replies (19)

Sorry about the bugs. The range thing should be fixed in the latest.
I also added DrawTriangle(x,y,x2,y2,x3,y3,color) and DrawTriangleGame(x,y,z,x2,y2,z2,x3,y3,z3,color) though there is still a small bug with it. Color is in the format 0xAARRGGBB where A is the alpha channel

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  8-21 update
Posted by: Valdorian - 08-22-2014, 04:24 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (1)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here. Ninja updates OP.

Thanks lopht for the update.

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  8-14 update
Posted by: Valdorian - 08-15-2014, 03:37 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (7)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

Thanks lopht for the update.

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  [DISCONTINUED] LBC 2.0.65 - LeagueBot Commander
Posted by: Emin3m - 07-31-2014, 07:35 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (163)

Hi out there,

I proudly present you my LBC 2.0 for a better file-management in your Leaguebot.

This little video may help you understanding what the LBC is about. (sry for my english but i think its good enough Smile)

- managing LB updates
- managing yonderinstaller updates
- managing scripts (Champion,Utility,Libs)
- managing hotkeys
- internal chat
- full LeagueBot shoutbox support (look at "your safety" first)
- auto-update of the LBC itself

- add more scripts/hotkeys
- add rating system for scripts
- whatever you want - contact me

- Java Version 7
- working LB installation
- any help from the devs/admins to keep scripts up to date

download v2.0.65

- more sound options
- fixed some bugs for new users
- fixed some typos

- improvement of LeagueBot shoutbox supports
- improvement of login/register
- login with LeagueBot login data without registration possible (look "Your safety" below changelog)

- full LeagueBot Shoutbox support (look "Your safety" below changelog)
- some smaller bugfixes

- add option to enable/disable SystemTray in settings
- date und version can now be changed as expected
- I delete many old users that dint use LBC since 2.0 just re register Smile

- add system tray support (LBC minimize to tray now)
- search for updates in 5 min intervall (as agreed upon lopht)
- add path+status "development" for sciripts development

- fixed LBC meta data tracking error
- Script itself is now visiable on the script info panel (small delay)
- script updater function "update all files i have in my LB folder" enabled
- scripauthors are now able to change things in their scripts
- users are no longer able to create new scripts (only for devs and admins)
- several bugfixes

- complete rework of the update tab
- add autoupdater for LB + yonder updates

- ninja patch support (use old .exe files)

- complete rework
- replace local/ftp filemanagement with sql management
- gui rework
- add LB shoutbox (readonly for now)
- fixed register bug
- fixed minor mapping bugs
- raduce database queries


Your safety!
Since version 2.0.60 you can use your LeagueBot Login in LBC without registration! It will register you automatically. Note that I dont save your LeagueBot password in my database due to security reasons. It will only be saved encrypted on a local file %appdata%LBC2.0/settings.cab so you dont have to enter your Login any time you start LBC! Using your LeagueBot Login gives you full support to LeagueBot shoutbox (send/receive normal shoutbox messages / private shoutbox messages and you time settings).

If you already registered in LBC you go to menu->options->settings and enter your LeagueBot login to get full shoutbox support as well. Second option is you logout and with next login just use ur LeagueBot login.

Its your decision if you use this or not. LBC will work fine even without using LB login. Its just for shoutbox!

why LBC?
The idea is to just get fast access to all existing scripts and get the updates of them immediately without searching in the forum/shoutbox all day. I hope that in the future there are no questions like "is there any good script for XXX?" or "which installer for core files is the best". I am pretty sure LB only works good for all if we work together. The moment all devs/admins start using LBC we always have up to date scripts in our LB without much effort.

auto updater
Note if you use older versions (2.0 or 2.1) you should delete everything whats in the %APPDATA%/LBC2.0 folder (while LBC is closed) to prevent issues with the auto updater in the future. If you dont do it you will maybe dont get a note if there is something new. Make sure you dont forget your login. You have to reenter it after deleting "settings.cab". You can easily open this folder if you press Windows-Key+R and copy&paste "%APPDATA%/LBC2.0" and press enter.

[spoiler=YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!!!...]
In this version LBC uses the LB installer in silent mode. I change the directory to a temp folder and than just copy the 2 needed files to your Leaguebot. So nothing get overwrited!!! Ok at least one thing gets overwrited and this is the "Install_Dir" entery in windows registry. In this case a shortcut with the wrong destination will be created on your desktop. LBC deletes this shourcut as well (maybe on some computers LBC cant delete it) So make sure if you use the shortcut rename it to anything but "Leaguebot" and it will not be deleted!

Also make sure if you ever run yonders or LB installer in the "old style" you have to change the install dir.

If you dont understand what the hell I am talking about maybe just ignore it Tongue it wont harm you... or watch my tutorial video (special video for the updater tab: http://youtu.be/VXehtQ0OE1A) to get a better understanding.


for developers
if you are a developer then please check if I added all your files in LBC. Maybe i forget some. I hope that in the future you all use it regulary so all users really get the newest scripts in LBC.


[spoiler=creating/updating files in LBC...]
[Image: lbc_dev2.png]

Any user can create scripts in LBC. To do so just go to menu bar -> "files" -> "create new file" or go to the "LeagueBot files" tab and press "create new file" button. In the first step you only need to put in the source wich must be the raw link of your repository. There are some issues with for example mediafire because the download link of your script are not steady. If you want the users to use your scripts from LBC then please change your repository. All devs can contact me if they dont understand what i mean. After you put in the source there will be created a file like "10823.lua" which you can see in the first lines of the tree. You can now select it and add all neccessry data. If your scripts have meta data saved everything will be done automatically see next point "What else can I do"...


[spoiler=What else can you do...]
[Image: lbc_dev1.png]

You should add some meta data to all your scripts you planning updates for. Nearly the same like yupdater but with some more information:

Quote:-- ************************** LBC META *****************************
-- * lbc_name = lbc_example.lua
-- * lbc_version = 2.0
-- * lbc_date = 09/05/2014 // use correct date format mm/dd/yyyy
-- * lbc_status = 4 // 0 = unknowen; 1 = alpha/wip; 2 = beta; 3 = ready; 4 = required; 5 = outdated
-- * lbc_type = 0 // 0 = others; 1 = binaries; 2 = libs; 3 = champion; 4 = hotkey; 5 = utility
-- * lbc_creator = Emin3m
-- * lbc_champion = // if this script is for a special champ
-- * lbc_tags = howto,lbc2.0,metadata
-- * lbc_link = http://leaguebot.net/forum/Upload/showth...p?tid=4132
-- * lbc_source = http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=p3AuQjBT
-- * lbc_update = http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Hq2PjNkj // only if you have a new version on a new source
-- ************************** LBC META *****************************

these meta data are for the extra file information you got in LBC (see pic above)

we can update them manually in LBC or they will be read from the source if you have the above lines in your script

I think all of the meta data are self-explaining but mybe not the last one. This is if you want to save all your versions of your scripts in different sources. So if you create a new version of your script and save it on antoher pastbin link (or wherever) then add the sourcelink of the latest version to your old files...



First of all if you have any issues then it would be useful to check if you have the newest java version running. As Win7 user just click start button and search for "java" and start "about java". You should have Version 7 Update xx if you have any older versions please update it. To update java press start button and search for "java" again and start "configure java". Then open update tab and press "update now" on the bottom right...

[spoiler=I can`t register...]

This was an old bug - I am sry for this - but now this bug should be killed. If you still got this old version redownload and try again. If still not working start updater.exe manually and get the newest version over that way. I normally don`t upload every new version to the above download link. If the updater.exe also wount work than download the update.zip and extract it manually to your LBC directory.


[spoiler=I can`t connect the database...]
[Image: lbc_e1.png]

If you receive this message there is a problem with your internet connection or LBC got blocked by any firewall/anti virus program. Make sure you allow LBC to connect to the internet. Maybe if you get this error after several days of working there is also the possibility that my database server is currently offline...


[spoiler=I can`t create a test file in your LeagueBot folder...]
[Image: lbc_e2.png]

If you receive this message there is a problem with file permissions. I tryed LBC even with a fresh Win8 installtion (no admin permissions and UAC enabled) and it works fine. If you get this message try to start LBC as Administrator or disable UAC or give LB installtion folder all permissions. If all these steps won`t work reinstall LeagueBot but not in the default windows programm folder c:\prgramm_files\... or c:\programm_files(x86)

You can maybe send me your error.log and i may ne able to help you...


[spoiler=I can`t find a LeagueBot folder in windows registry...]
[Image: lbc_e3.png]

If you receive this message you either dont have LeagueBot installed (maybe just copied the needed files somewhere on your hard disk) or there is maybe a non default registry entery from your installtion. Search in windows registry for "Install_Dir" of LeagueBot. Maybe I can do it for you. Install teamviewer and contact me. The update will be upload instantly


[spoiler=I can`t create a test file on C:\Users\...]
[Image: lbc_e4.png]

If you receive this message there are really strange things happening on you PC. Normally the %APPDATA% folder is to save user specific data for any program that is not allowed to change anything in the program folder itself. In my opinion the only reason why this could happen is because any anti virus software is blocking this. But maybe I am wrong here. Check this and send me your error.log.

Maybe you still use Windows XP? If yes you should be able to create the needed folder manually. C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER\Application Data\Roaming\LBC2.0

but it yould be the best if you let me take a look with teamviewer to make this working. I am sorry but i dont have any Windows XP computer here Smile and this solution is wrong.


[spoiler=I can`t create the error.log...]
[Image: lbc_e5.png]

If you receive this message you will get it every time you start LBC. You can disable it by creating the error.log manually (note -> dont create error.log.txt or something else). Maybe LBC is now able to write the errors in the logfile. But normally this is nearly the same error than above. Your dont have enough permissions. That mostly also causes that the LBC is not allowed to open the update.exe or rather the update.exe is not allowed to download/create the update.zip file. You can try manually start updater.exe but this maybe wont help.


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  7-30 Update
Posted by: lopht - 07-30-2014, 11:45 PM - Forum: General News - Replies (30)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

Im a bit behind on requests atm, but I'll be checking into those as well

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Star LeagueBot Ventrilo Server
Posted by: Akira - 07-17-2014, 03:30 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (11)

[Image: ventrilologo.png]

Join us now!

Server ip : eurovent11.gameservers.com
Port : 4225
Password : AkiraIsAwesome

I will monitor the server so act nice in there!

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  7-16 patch update
Posted by: lopht - 07-17-2014, 03:18 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (17)

1.Unit.SpellManaX has been added

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

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  7-2 Update
Posted by: lopht - 07-03-2014, 12:47 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (8)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

the function FindDeletedObjects() in utils can be replaced with the one below to get access to deleted objects .id and .netid. It should still work either way

function FindDeletedObjects()
    if functionExists("OnDeleteObj") then
        for i = 1, objManager:GetMaxDelObjects(), 1 do
            local object = {objManager:GetDelObject(i)}
            local ret={}
            if object ~= nil then

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  6-18 update
Posted by: lopht - 06-18-2014, 10:53 PM - Forum: General News - Replies (13)

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here:

2.GetUnitFromNetId(id) returns Unit
3. The packet api has been fixed up a tiny bit, but is still raw. Here is an example script of how to use it to get waypoint packets:

function Packet:get4()
local pos=self.position
local s=self.data
local d=s:byte(pos)+s:byte(pos+1)*256+s:byte(pos+2)*256*256+s:byte(pos+3)*256*256*256
return d
function Packet:getFloat()
local pos=self.position
local s=self.data
local d=s:byte(pos)+s:byte(pos+1)*256+s:byte(pos+2)*256*256+s:byte(pos+3)*256*256*256
return MakeFloat(d)
function Packet:get2()
local pos=self.position
local s=self.data
local d=s:byte(pos)+s:byte(pos+1)*256
return d
function Packet:get1()
local pos=self.position
local s=self.data
local d=s:byte(pos)
return d
function OnRecvPacket(p)
if (p.header==0x60) then
print("\nnewpacket" .. string.format("x%x,%d: seq:%x ct:%x waypointct:%x netId:%x wps:%x,%x,%x",p.header,p.size,p:get4(),p:get2()/256,p:get2()/256,p:get4(),p:get1(),p:get1(),p:get1()))
function sample_CallBackp()
local p={}
local pk={GetPacket()}
while (pk[1]~=nil) do


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